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Breastmilk Soap

Breastmilk Soap

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Breastmilk Soap is an all-natural cold process soap that uses your own breastmilk to nourish and cleanse your little one's delicate skin. This luxurious soap is made with a blend of olive and coconut oil and you can choose to add oatmeal, honey, or both for added benefits. No dyes or scents are added, making it perfect for sensitive baby skin.

Each batch will require 8oz of milk, which will need to be shipped frozen with an ice pack to ensure it stays cold on its journey to me. One batch will make 12 standard bars, or if you choose the flower and scrubby bars package, it will make approximately 6 flowers and 4 scrubby bars.

Turnaround time on breastmilk soap is approximately 10-12 weeks from when I receive your milk, as soap needs to cure 4-6 weeks after being made. As a cold process soap, this is considered shelf stable. However to ensure longevity, I highly recommend storing it in the fridge/freezer until you're ready to use the next bar.

Will ship to you in a medium flat rate box. Shipping is not included in price.

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